27 Jun

i’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately regarding my work… mostly about the socially conscious aspects. i love the design aspects of what i make, and the whole process of creating something new, but i think at the heart of it all is reducing, reusing, and recycling—the three r’s. this mantra was pounded into my head as a child and has been so overused it has lost value. i think it needs to be brought to the forefront of our lifestyles once again. 

where do you spend your money? 
who are you supporting when you buy clothes or accessories? 
how is your lifestyle affecting those in other parts of the world?

these are not new questions, but for many of us they somehow lose importance once we enter a shopping mall with throngs of fast and low-cost fashion stores.

how many of us can recall the tragic building collapse in a garment factory in Bangladesh this past april? at least 1,129 workers died. they were all working hard to make the clothes that we wear, and then throw in the back of our closet when we are done wearing them…or when they fall apart after a few washes.

i don’t want to get preachy, it’s just been on my mind lately as i think about the importance of those three r’s, and how our lifestyles affect others.

spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez was the woman who recently brought this to my mind once again.  

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