30 Jan

“Cement Shoes” 2019

In the spirit of experimentation and creative expansion, my studio mates and I decided to pick mediums and objects out of a hat to make work for our recent “In Solidarity” show at our studio space in Thomas.

My mediums: concrete, shoes, and string.

There are many questions and thoughts that came up while making this piece, but for sake of this platform I’ll refrain from delving too deeply.
A couple quick facts though:
1. yes, those are my shoes that I did once wear
2. Yes, that is my very first time making a video (I’ll post the entire 6 minutes on my website shortly), as well as working with concrete. Both are fun.

#studioart #cementshoes #videoinstallation #thomasartwalk #saynotofastfashion #impulseshopping #myfeetarekillingme #notanymore #creativeexperiments

(at The White Room Art Gallery)

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